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Upon your arrival you will be greeted by someone to direct you towards the sanctuary and where to find restrooms if you need it. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, we encourage you to pick up communion elements at a table just before you enter the sanctuary. If you forget, no problem! Someone can bring it to you during the service. 

Our service times are 9 AM and 11 AM. If you come to our 11 AM service, there are coffee and snacks provided after so you can fellowship and meet some of the people that call Harvest Church their home church!

How long is the service? Services run approximately 90 minutes. The Holy Spirit is allowed to do as He pleases during our services. Does that mean people swing from the rafters? Not at all. God is orderly in what He does and there are times when He wants to express Himself through the gifts of His Spirit to encourage, build up, comfort, and heal His people. We also focus on the Word of God - the teaching, preaching, and application of it.

We also honor the Lord with our giving. You will never be manipulated into giving. The Bible says God loves a cheerful giver! We try to be very careful with the resources God has entrusted to us.

At Harvest Church, we offer children’s ministry only during the 11am service at this time. They are taught age appropriate Bible lessons to help them learn about Jesus. All of children’s ministry workers and anyone in a leadership role has undergone background checks to ensure peace of mind for you as you trust us with your child. 

The church also has video cameras throughout the building as another layer of security. You will also see an armed security guard (an off-duty police officer) when you first enter the building. Unfortunately, we are living in a day where many churches are having to do this. Every year the number of acts of violence that occur on faith-based properties increases. Having an armed presence and video cameras greatly reduces the risk of anything taking place. And, of course we pray and trust God for His protection as well!

For nursing mothers, you are welcome to nurse your child in our Nursery

(located right next to the check-in table). 

We are a Non-Denominational independent church, however because we believe accountability is very important, we are in relationship with Harvest Network International (harvestnetworkintl.org) that provides accountability, leadership training, and can assist with any leadership issues the church may have. 

Our Lead Pastor has been ordained through them since 1998.

    Pastor Jeff kaiser

    Lead Pastor